Understanding messages only according to their meaning

My love spirit in the I Am asks all people searching for the divine truth never to take the different heavenly law statements in every divine message literally, because they are to be understood only in the overall sense and can be lived in one area of life quite comprehensively or only approximately.

But who believes he must take my heavenly light language, which is expressed over the soul-human consciousness of the announcer in narrowed three-dimensional language, literally, him my love spirit asks to consider it well whether the time is already ripe for him to read my heavenly message freely offered to you for the spiritual expansion. Who puts every single word on the gold scale and falsely believes to transfer a high value to it instead of taking in the total sense of a heavenly message with his soulful heart, he should honestly ask himself whether it would not be better for him to put the heavenly love drops on the side for the time being. Truly, due to the lack of spiritual maturity, God-believing people unfortunately often come into the dangerous life phase of taking heavenly law statements literally and thereby misunderstanding the deep meaning. The bad result of this is that they tend to overzealousness or fanaticism and burden themselves mentally anew.

Those who have not gained any spiritual experiences with their being refinement have a hard time at the beginning to correctly classify the profound heavenly knowledge from my universal heart source. This can lead to the fact that he reads the heavenly knowledge without soul heart touching and misunderstands it completely. This is what my love spirit wants to spare the homeward striving, heartfelt people, therefore I ask and warn them not to take any hasty spiritual steps.

If a human being has not yet built up the spiritual foundation through self-recognizing efforts, overcoming of unattractive mistakes and spiritual experiences due to his being ennoblement, then he truly still stands in front of a self-closed gate into the higher spiritual consciousness and comprehension ability, because he lacks the key to the opening or has lost it through heavenly distant ways of life. He will read everything only from his heart-cool mind and therefore the transmitted messages of God can give him nothing, because in this state his low vibrating heart (the soul-life-core) hardly comes into motion. He cannot feel a joyful feedback of the divine vibrations from the heavenly source on the feeling level about his soul and will stand so long before the closed gate into a more light consciousness to my higher vibrating heart love and look for the key for this, until it dawns on him that he should not give any more priority to his sharp intellect. Only when the human intellect is more radiated by my love stream through a hearty, humble way of life, the human being in the upper consciousness is able to understand my love language meaningfully and can also be happy about the messenger messages.

Verily, a God-connected person finds the key to the opening of the soul heart gate in himself only when he opens himself for a sensitive and humble life, which the heavenly beings live without self-presentation and in the just equality, and when he heartily asks in his inner being for the divine assistance and his instruction for ennoblement. Only in this way there is a good prospect and hope for him to find again in time in the earthly life the lost key, which he has covered up soul-humanly with heavenly distant life storages in extra-heavenly worlds.

I advise every returnee to the heavenly worlds, the spirit of love in the I Am, to overcome himself and to go step by step forward into the glory of the heavenly beings by daily investigating himself and looking into the mirror of self-knowledge. Only then does he divine in himself the heavenly life, which in reality is not alien to him at all, since every soul carries the divine original heritage or the essence of creation within itself.