Introduction for the new readers of the love droplets

The heavenly messages, which the Love Spirit transmitted drop by drop over a decade to the open-hearted people for spiritual reorientation, also contain descriptions about the fall of the apostate heavenly beings. The love spirit tried and tries untiringly to bring the cosmic events closer to the spiritually open-minded people and what led to the fact that material worlds came into being. He also explains why this world and the people were not created by God, the universal impersonal love spirit or the pure heavenly beings. He clarifies drop by drop why a heavenly rescue plan for creation and deeply fallen beings became necessary and how voluntary heavenly beings implemented it.

Some knowledge details about this have spiritually oriented people in the earthly past already learned from the love spirit about other heralds, but essential, clear explanations and descriptions not yet, because it was not possible so far on earth to bring this knowledge through the soul-human consciousness of other heralds. For example, it is explained how the heavenly creation came into being, what caused apostate beings to leave it long cosmic time ago in order to create extra-heavenly worlds, and why they will return to the heavenly world one day. The heralds lacked important knowledge modules from the heavenly evolution life of the fine-material light beings to be able to understand the connections of the regularities and the particle functions in the material and fine-material cosmic areas more versatilely and more profoundly.

The love droplet messages from the divine heavenly source about this spiritually independent and free herald, who does not belong to any religion or interest group, can be very valuable for the spiritual advancement of hearty people and their souls, because the love spirit offers them many helping hints for the self-knowledge and ennoblement of their unsightly character traits. Through the spiritual reorientation and knowledge implementation in daily life, it would now be well possible for them to come many spiritual steps closer to the impersonal heavenly love spirit - God - and the eternal heavenly life. The universal love spirit and the heavenly beings would be very happy about this. Do you want to belong to the spiritually receptive, enlightened and happy in heart people?