Topic collection

In each theme collection there are significant divine statements, hints and examples which come from already published messages and which can be useful and profitable for some hearty God-loving people for their spiritual expansion of consciousness and refinement of being.

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What is the theme collection for?

The celestial spirit of love explains in the following short description to the readers and listeners of the love drops the meaning and purpose of the short messages about a pure celestial being of light. These are offered to them by the Love Drops team in their own files as a collection of topics bit by bit.

Truly, the topics offered in short form are ostensibly intended to motivate the readers and listeners even more to understand the heavenly rules of life and characteristics of the pure beings of light and to spur them on to gradually incorporate or implement them out of inner conviction in their daily earthly life without fanaticism, so that they can come a great deal closer to their heavenly life on the Inner Return Path. These divine message statements can help them to a higher soul-human consciousness vibration, to more daily energies, greater empathy and compassion for their fellow human beings as well as to an expanded grasp of their present human, but also their eternal immortal life. Through their inner spiritual strength and higher vibration, they are better protected in this chaotic earth time from devastating epidemics and diseases, but also from deceitful attacks of earthbound dark souls.

The short messages can also be a support and comfort for many a heartfelt person to view emerging difficulties in one's own family, in the professional or interpersonal sphere, as well as media reports of bad events in the world or one's own environment from a higher perspective and with a spiritual overview, in order to be able to cope with them psychologically well.

In addition, short excerpts from longer divine messages containing various themes are sometimes better absorbed by the human consciousness in order to grasp the profound meaning more farsightedly.

The heavenly spirit of love thanks the kind-hearted people who, by publishing the short messages set to music, have received his impulses well through their souls and have implemented them magnificently. The short messages set to music with significant content for spiritually open-minded people have inspired the herald to enquire with the spirit of love. After he agreed to also offer them in writing to the readers on his own website, the Covenanter is now trying to take over the short messages with the theme titles that the Friends of the Sounders have already published on their internet websites and have kindly made available to him so that he can save himself energy and time.

Collection of themes
What is the theme collection for?
Introduction to the collection of themes
Theme collection 1
  • Despite emergency situations and unjust restrictions on basic rights, never become violent.
  • Fear of people and its possible causes.
Theme collection 2
  • Gene researchers and their aims.
  • Function of thought transmission (telepathy).
  • Intention of the world rulers: dissolution of the middle class.
  • 10 Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount do not come from the Spirit of God.
  • Are religions really of divine origin?
Theme collection 3
  • An example of self-knowledge of dominant and opinionated traits.
  • There is only little time left for a positive spiritual change.
  • Through which way of life can man again tap into the spiritual and heavenly treasures in his soul?
  • Breaking the law from the heavenly point of view.
  • How can a gentle way of speaking be opened up?
Theme collection 4
  • Is it possible to live without fear in the time of worldwide epidemics and catastrophes?
  • Emergence of the life-destroying energy of fear.
  • Christ describes his beautiful heavenly return.
  • How bundles of thoughts travel to their destination and never miss it.
  • False ideas about protective beings.