Love drops as audio messages

Note from the love spirit by a pure heavenly being:

Verily, the celestial love droplets with many themes and detailed descriptions of celestial and earthly spheres of life, were created in the last earthly end-time phase with the help of many incarnated celestial salvation plan beings and pure light beings from various celestial spheres of evolution, who voluntarily declared themselves ready to help the celestial creation to dissolve the fallen worlds of dense matter more quickly by offering spiritually misguided beings the divine knowledge that will enable them to find their way out of the labyrinth of this opposing world. Their present participation has only become possible because the universal spirit of love, with its word of love from the heart of the primal Central Sun, has succeeded, through the high-vibrational soul-human consciousness of this herald, in bringing for the first time in this fallen world new and profound details of celestial knowledge, which are so important for the heartfelt God-connected human beings and especially to their incarnated souls, who strive for celestial return out of inner conviction. There is great joy about this in the heavenly sphere. The spirit of love thanks them all for their great cooperation, which has taken place and is still taking place invarious ways. We, the pure celestial beings of light, who were able to support the celestial common work with a small contribution from the background, joyfully join him in his heartfelt thanks.

The team of the "drops of love" also joins in these thanks.

* * *

Below you will find the links of the sound technicians, which will allow you to access their sounded love drop messages in German and also translated into other languages.

The audio messages were produced independently and under their own responsibility.

Love drops video channels
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