Why we should never let up with spiritual reorientation

... At this message point I, Christ, from the heavenly I Am Love Union, would like to address something else concerning divine inspiration, so that the spiritually oriented inner people do not have any wrong ideas about it. Every celestial herald who has made spiritual progress on the Inner Path into the Kingdom of Heaven through his refinement of being is subject to constant spiritual reorientation until the end of his life, since ever new details of knowledge become known to him, sometimes to his horror, through divine message extensions. However, this should be regarded as positive by him and the readers of the messages, because this can open the consciousness of the annunciator even further to a more extensive and profound spiritual knowledge from the heavenly source of life. The pleasing result from the heavenly point of view is that the new revelatory knowledge far surpasses that of many years ago. However, from the point of view of a messenger, it is not so pleasing that some message statements have to be more or less corrected or replaced altogether because they no longer correspond to the current state of affairs.

But to the consolation of spiritually advanced heralds, it happened to me in the same way in my earthly life. Due to doubts about the new knowledge I received inspirationally from our heavenly Father Ur, I still had many soul struggles in the beginning and these lowered my vibration very much. As a result, I sometimes found myself outside the heavenly protection and was at times vulnerable to the influences and attacks of the dark beings beyond. But again and again I went into heart prayer and then felt safer as a result. As a result, my higher vibrating soul was now able to spur me on through impulses and images to consider the new knowledge more far-sightedly and logically. Only then, when I understood the new message statements better, did I dare to take up the Inner Word of Heavenly Father Ur. He explained to me why the spiritual progress of a mediumistic person is so important and why he thereby always hears a newer knowledge in a revelation that more often contradicts his earlier one.

I have revealed this knowledge to you so that you do not again make the great and tragic mistake - as believing people and also otherworldly religious beings have done for thousands of years - of binding yourselves to divine statements and regarding them as eternal, unchangeable and finally established knowledge!

(These statements come from the Message: "Jesus Christ's life of wandering and flight")