Meaning and purpose of divine messages through heralds

Greetings, you who seek divine truth!

A heavenly messenger of light is revealing himself to you, who has received the knowledge from the divine source in our picture language and is passing it on to you through the soul-human consciousness of the herald. The universal spirit of love would like to explain to you briefly the meaning and purpose of heavenly messages through a messenger.

They are offers from him for spiritually seeking, truth-loving God-connected people. So that each of you can better endure and cope with the difficulties of daily earthly life, the spirit of love offers you heartfelt people far-reaching thought aids and uplifting supports. Truly, life in this dark world of fall will become increasingly more difficult to bear because God-bound people will be constantly exposed to greater opposition from outside. This means that more and more unforeseeable massive problems will come upon them, such as contagious and incurable diseases, and through devastating catastrophes they will have to survive difficult, almost insurmountable situations and will suffer greatly as a result. But they should know in this very difficult and unbearable earthly time that the heavenly spirit of love exhausts every conceivable possibility to help them from within and from without.

The life aids of the love spirit are not only directed towards this world and human life, but beyond that they also contain profound spiritual explanations about cosmic life, which is still unknown to most people. The love droplet messages contain important positive and self-protective behaviours which enable people to be more in tune with their inner soul.

The purpose of the divine love droplet messages is also that people who believe in God finally feel the inner freedom of their soul to become independent of religious doctrines. Until now, the orientation and bondage to it brought people and also their souls a great deal of suffering in the hereafter. Whoever wants to approach divine freedom is heartily asked by the heavenly Love-Spirit - who is also in your soul's life-core with his essence of creation - to finally put aside for ever his old, misleading religious images and ideas of a personal God after thousands of years of earthly time of spiritual ignorance and deceptions. Whoever wants to approach the universal impersonal love-spirit, God in the I Am, in order to be able to return to the unity and freedom of the heavenly beings, is cordially invited to read the divine love-drops from the heavenly source attentively one after the other, but without haste, and to reflect on them with his soulful heart. Then he will feel from within that the spirit of love does not want to direct him to a religious group or newly formed religious community through the given wisdoms. The spiritual goal of every human being should be: to take his eternally free life into his own hands on his own responsibility and not to leave it to anyone else - not even in the religious sphere.

These messages of the present can be regarded by spiritual seekers as tiny droplets from the heavenly source of love, the heart of God. They also contain descriptions of behavioural patterns of celestial beings from the all-encompassing celestial rules of life and evolutionary characteristics. A spiritually awakened human being and his soul returning to the heavenly light yearn greatly for the heavenly noble ways of life. Such people, irradiated by the divine light, feel more and more to want to live in a harmonious, peaceful, quiet and secluded way of life. These inner people often receive impulses from their soul to look for new useful life aids and expanded spiritual knowledge, so that they can go with their soul in the same, above all heavenly, direction of life.

Through the many-sided and profound messages, the spiritually seeking person should be able to sense and feel from within that a cosmic eternal being of light (soul) dwells in him, which longs for the home of light and from whose energies he lives predominantly. However, in order to be able to return more quickly to the light home, it would be good for it to receive extensive spiritual knowledge about its human being. Through this she can enquire of the spirit of love in the deep sleep of her human being and learn many useful details about her spiritual development on a large scale, which will help her to recognise and delete unlawful or heavenly distant storages from earthly life and from otherworldly worlds more quickly with divine assistance.

The more divine message knowledge the soul absorbs about its human being, which contains excerpts from the rules of life or noble ways of conduct of the heavenly beings, it and its human consciousness come to new realisations rather quickly. Because of this, the spiritual horizon expands in both of them and they are then more and more open to cosmic real life. This is a great advantage for the soul, so that it can better classify and see through human life and it is then able to give its human consciousness again and again new impulses to change its unlawful, unattractive traits or faults and weaknesses. If the human being is prepared to ennoble his unattractive traits and behaviour, then he is more under divine protection and can receive productive divine forces through his high vibrating soul. These are some reasons why it is worthwhile to read profound divine messages over a far-matured messenger.

But know in advance: the heavenly Love-Spirit will never say to you that the love-drop messages contain absolute divine truth. What spiritual quality, purity, fullness of law and its profundity as well as cosmic foresight a message has always depends on the soul-human state of consciousness, intensity of transillumination of the soul particles, the inner soul divine energy absorption and release to the human cells as well as on the way of life of a messenger who can be less or quite close to the heavenly laws of life. You can assume that no divine message ever received on earth by a herald contains only true basic knowledge from the evolutionary rules of life of celestial beings and from the cosmic laws of particles. The heavenly spirit of love cannot transmit this through the constricted human and burdened soul consciousness. Human consciousness is only capable of absorbing, processing and approximately grasping tiny pieces of knowledge from the seven-dimensional heavenly life, so that the spiritually oriented human being can include it in his life. But even a tiny understood and lived extract from the life qualities of heavenly beings brings a soul willing to return faster forward on the way back into heavenly being. It is from this point of view that the divine messages should be viewed, or rather that is the meaning of every heavenly love drop.

In addition to the descriptions of the divine laws, the Love Spirit also offers you some very important health advice and behaviour that will help a person to gain more life energies. Truly, the divine wisdoms from the heavenly source can point an inner human being and his soul, which is spiritually very active at night, straight into the heavenly light, if both pull together spiritually and, through their heartfelt relationship with the inner Love-Spirit, endeavour to always approach a further refinement of being.

The reading of the love droplet messages is recommended by the God-Spirit to spiritually seeking people because they contain spiritual pearls which can greatly enrich a returning soul. The spiritual content of the messages can open many doors to life's advantages for readers who are open-hearted and willing to return, which they could not foresee and see before due to their ignorance and spiritual limitation. What other advantages they can bring to spiritual seekers, you will learn from him little by little in the many love drop messages.

If you take a few successful steps through your refinement of being towards your expansion of consciousness, then you are in the happy earthly situation of consciously and joyfully noticing a positive change in your nature. Then you will look at your life from a completely different, above all higher spiritual perspective and regard the resulting life advantages and favours as very valuable. You will be very happy about this one day.

The heavenly spirit of love in the I Am wishes you a successful spiritual development that will enable you to return to your home of light quite quickly. He also wishes you that you do not make life difficult for yourselves on the heavenly way back, such as through pride, bossiness and intransigence, spitefulness, lack of freedom, restless and stressful life through unnecessary and too much time planning in activities and in encounters, as well as spiritual inconstancy and lukewarmness, which bring much suffering to a being.

As a heavenly messenger of light, I thank you for your attention.

The universal spirit of love and we celestial beings hope that the celestial returnees will now feel more spurred on by the many drops of love to approach their and our noble celestial ways of life with greater devotion. We wish you this from the bottom of our hearts for your benefit in eternal life.