What are the I Am Love Droplets of God?

Source of Divine Messages

God, the all-good impersonal Love-Spirit, offers in this earthly end-time, via a religion-free herald, small "spiritual droplets" from the great sea of His blissful heart-feelings and wisdom to all God-connected people who wish to inform themselves about heavenly rules of life and characteristics of pure light beings and also to enjoy them. Every reader has the opportunity to delve into them if he or she feels the need to do so.

Of course, the divine messages contain only a small hint of reality in their meaning compared to the heavenly fullness. The heavenly beings experience in their consciousness a magnificent fullness from the heavenly creation in infinite variations, which never ends in their blissful evolutionary life. The heavenly life is beyond the limited human imagination and therefore it will never be possible for God, the universal spirit of love, to describe it even more extensively and in more detail.

However, for people who are well aligned with Him, the 'spiritual droplets' can be very useful for further spiritual development, as they are very meaningful and extensive in their depth. They can be very valuable and important for all fallen and burdened beings for orientation on their heavenly way back, therefore he gladly offers them to inner humanity. Whether they are really precious for a spiritually oriented person, each individual reader will feel for himself according to his developed consciousness.

Whoever steadily offers his heartfelt feeling to God, the inner spirit of love, in his soul ground (life core), will be able to understand them reasonably well and be very happy about it. Anyone who feels joy and fulfilment when reading the heavenly messages of love from within himself can assume that the universal spirit of love will soon welcome him in the heavenly worlds after his earthly life, since his spiritually awakened soul no longer has any great burdens.

Every 'spiritual love-drop of God' can only be understood from the point of view of heavenly properties of being, which heavenly beings created for themselves for their impersonal, blissful and free evolutionary life, which they joyfully lead in the righteous equality of being and cordiality, because only from the heavenly evolutionary properties (regularities) can the original spirit of all life offer people a portrayal.

Thanks are due to every sincere, God-bound human being for his willingness to want to come closer to God, the impersonal Love-Spirit, in his inner being. He will only succeed in this through a gradual realisation of his previous knowledge of the heartfelt heavenly qualities and guidelines of life. The universal love spirit and the heavenly beings wish him this very much!

This short heavenly message was brought to you by a heavenly messenger of light according to divine instructions for your spiritual orientation.