Why do the divine love droplet messages change in their message and expression from time to time?

The "universal love spirit" - you also call him the celestial-central impersonal being the "I Am Deity" or have another name for him - greets you inner human beings warmly through me, a pure celestial being of light, and gives you information from the celestial source in response to your question.

This short message is not given by me, but I receive it from the universal heart of God and pass it on with my own paraphrasing remarks to the heartfelt inner people who are spiritually open to the heavenly language of the spirit of love, since they still want to reach a higher consciousness on earth. That is, my being voluntarily makes itself available to the love spirit as a spiritual channel or the knowledge from the divine heart flows for transmission through my light consciousness to the herald who writes it down.

Before answering your question, the spirit of love tries to tell you about the life of the heavenly beings, so that your idea of the heavenly being, your eternal home of light, expands a little.

You inner people with the great longing to be able to return to the heavenly kingdom, look forward to your future inner life with the spirit of love. The most ingenious and beloved impersonal being of pure creation, our I Am Deity, always offers us celestial beings from her highest universal consciousness messages and instructions for new celestial evolutions, which we can receive from our pulsating being-heart (life-core), if we so wish in our unlimited freedom. Her high All-Consciousness cannot be accessed by a single celestial being and this will remain so for all eternity because all states of consciousness, including those of our primordial parents, are united in her or she administers them. From this ingenious memory knowledge, she gives us accurate information in sound and image to our questions. That is why we are very happy when we receive new instructions for our glorious evolutionary life in the dual union from her inexhaustible spiritual abundance, which cannot be surpassed in precision.

Our consciousness constantly grows from one heavenly aeon (spiritual unit of time) to the next, because through new insights and experiences our view of cosmic life expands more and more. But we owe this only to our beloved I Am Deity, who advises us in a humble, gentle and heartfelt way and gives us valuable hints, which we immediately want to incorporate joyfully into our dual life. But before that, we have the wonderful opportunity to examine the variations of life that are still unknown to us, until we then feel the inner desire to incorporate them into our varied lives. Through the constant expansion of our consciousness, our mode of communication or the expression of our imagery and its sound also changes.

If we were to look back a few eons to our earlier spiritual state of development, we would be able to recognise from the stored images how narrowly our consciousness then regarded celestial life. This example from the evolutionary life of celestial beings gives you an understanding of why, in the case of spiritually open heralds for cosmic knowledge novelties and celestial ways of life, the expression of language and the expressiveness are always expanding and changing. From the point of view of the spirit of love it is pleasing when the messages are constantly perfected by new and more extensively described statements of the law, since the ignorance of people about heavenly life is great. The transmissions of the spirit of love by a spiritually far matured herald always contain knowledge novelties which were hitherto unknown to spiritually oriented people and, in addition, become increasingly clearer and more comprehensible because their statements are more detailed and have a much greater spiritual volume than a few years ago. Through the heartfelt efforts of the Annunciator to realise a freer, more understanding and obliging way of life, he comes ever closer to the perfect heartfelt way of life of heavenly beings in just equality with each other. Through the spiritually pleasing change of nature of a denunciant it can come about that he no longer wants to know anything of the former messages of God. This is also what happens to this spiritually open-minded herald, since his manner of expression and spiritual overview have changed so seriously in only a few years that he would prefer not to offer the divine messages received several years ago to any reader any more. This is understandable for the love spirit, but not for some readers of the love drops, who found in them some spiritual knowledge transmissions and thought-provoking impulses that were interesting and important for them and helped to steer their lives in a positive spiritual direction.

There are spiritually oriented people who still like to read the older message transmissions more often and are not bothered by the earlier, grammatically limited message language of the denouncer. Some are not very pleased about the later extended message form, as they still find it difficult to grasp this in their consciousness. When they compare the earlier and present messages, they notice the difference. It is because not only the soul consciousness but also the human consciousness of the Annunciator could attain a spiritual expansion. Through the constant realisation of his spiritual knowledge and through new life experiences, his soul-human consciousness has expanded considerably. Also through the constant review of the messages for hearing errors and the re-reading of the corrected messages by spiritually oriented people from the team, his soul-human consciousness continuously absorbs new memories. His earlier vocabulary is supplemented when he willingly absorbs new words that are important to the Love Spirit in order to achieve a much clearer description of a regularity or description of a cosmic circumstance.

Of course, this can change the style of the message and also shorten it advantageously, because now there are enough words and concepts about human and spiritual life in his upper consciousness. However, the spirit of love recommends that he does not take in any language expressions of intellectual people, because they have a low frequency, because they are not spoken and written about the soulish heart and, from the heavenly point of view, show coldness of heart. This language was once created by those people who wanted to emphasise their personality in order to be able to socialise in a higher social class. But the spirit of love warns the inner people on the heavenly way back, and especially the heralds, against such a noble language. Whoever adopts a language from them that has no sound of the heart must reckon with the fact that he cannot hear God's love language in himself from the core of his soul, because his prayer sound never reaches the high vibration of the love spirit in the life core. Instead, he calls up knowledge from his subconscious and the soul sheaths that has formed itself in the superconscious similar to a message without him becoming aware of it. This is the sad result of intellectual or posh language.

Unfortunately, most people from higher social classes are proud and haughty, even if they are God-loving people. These people have great difficulty understanding, accepting and living up to the humble way of life of the heavenly beings. They are very reluctant to live simply and humbly, which is why they usually reject the content of a simply spoken message from God after reading it and would rather go back to their personally elevated way of speaking and living unchanged. Their good school education often prevents them from accepting grammatically simple language as truth.

This also happened with Jesus of Nazareth, whom the Jewish clergy, who belonged to an upper social class, ridiculed and considered inferior because he did not exhibit their educated religious language. Even in this earthly time nothing essential will change in the behaviour of arrogant people, because they consider themselves particularly important people in this world of fallen beings.

Those of you who have received and understood the profound meaning of the last paragraph of the message in your heart-radiated intellect will approve of the fact that the spirit of love prefers to address simple people who honestly want to approach the heavenly rules of life with an honest heart.

Now you have received a small spiritual overview from the Love Spirit as to why the messages of a messenger who is open to novelties of knowledge and the expansion of his vocabulary as well as his mode of expression in the description of divine laws are constantly changing and expanding. This is a quite normal development, which does not mean that the messenger has made listening errors in his longer-ago messages. Everything in cosmic life is subject to a constant spiritual expansion of consciousness, which never ends because there is no spiritual standstill in universal events. This also happens with open-hearted people who are open-minded and grateful for cosmic wisdom or heavenly knowledge. Every little spiritual support or hint from the heavenly source means a great deal to them for their heavenly homecoming, so that they can soon lead a happy life again in unity with all beings in the light-penetrated heavenly worlds.

You inner people with expanded consciousness, you yourselves decide whether you still want to concern yourselves with the messages of the Annunciator which are longer in the past and contain less significance.

But to a person who has little spiritual knowledge and is only at the beginning of the heavenly return path, they can help him to spiritual insights. Every message contains little precious drops of love from the heavenly truth. Truly, they can give many a spiritually seeking person important hints, even in the simple form of expression and with less legal content, which he has so far lacked for new thoughts and insights. But the universal spirit of love leaves every new wanderer into the heavenly light the freedom whether he wants to read older messages and deal with their content.

The universal spirit of love thanks all people who have opened their hearts to him and wishes them a speedy return to the noble qualities of life of heavenly beings. They were already familiar with this many, many eons ago, because they have already lived in the heavenly being with their inner body of light. There the spirit of love and we celestial beings eagerly await you.